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BLodCast 8: Stay Gay For The Kids

In which we discuss Politics, Suicide, Divorce, Gay Rights, and the role music plays in one aspect of our lives. If you disagree with anything or don’t like it send hate mail to,, or on facebook. Also we’re on Stitcher now so go to and download the app for your smartphone and look us up so you can stream our awesomeness directly into your ears… Enjoy!!

BLodCast 7: Back To The Well

In which My little brother Jon tells us some of his stories and Grey and I talk about our movie, and we talk about an ex in a good way this time.

BLodCast 6: Born Ready

In which we discuss rape, abortion, being a ninja of the masturbatory arts, B & E’s and the A & B, Brother’s drug addictions, being the black sheep, work, and you Amelia (sort of).
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BLodCast 5: That’s How We Roll

In which we try selling things, we argue about our friendship and talk of our pasts; creepy or heartbreaking you decide.

BLodCast 4: That’s Not Funny

In which our heroes debate whether or not certain sensitive subjects can be funny, Grey talk of his notorious bar days and nights, and we recall our first ever Vegas vacation. As well as lose focus..Enjoy!