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BlodCast 12: It’s My Party

In which Grey and Zach discuss Movie BJ’s, Movie Remakes, Grey’s trip to Colorado, Zach’s Trip to Austin, The Future of BLodCast, Jon’s old sleeping habits, Masturbation again, How girls make us cry, and Cory’s love of TechN9ne so enjoy and if you don’t then hit us up on twitter @BLodCast, @Z4CH3RY, or @greybixler.

BLodCast 11: You’re Welcome

In which Grey and Zach go back to their roots two guys and a microphone no guests just interruptions. We talk about about Guns, Anal (again), The use of ‘Woman’, and myriad other things. So go to iTunes or and download the app and the latest episode.
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BLodCast 10: Violent Dew’s and Don’ts Part 2

In which Keith and Brittany join Kaylan, Casey, Laura, Grey and Zach for the end of our Dews episode and we discuss more sex, a little twitter, Las Vegas Briefly, Swords, and BJ’s, and some more stuff so just listen on iTunes or

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BLodCast 9: Violent Dew’s and Don’ts Part 1

In which we have three special guests Casey, Kaylan, and Laura in a very special two part Episode of BLodCast. We discuss beginnings of friendships and other wonderful things so check it out for some aural pleasure.

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