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BLodCast 16: Living, Loving, Leaving..

In which we discuss hookers, Saying goodbye, Emotional Muggers, Favorites, Tricycles, and not learning to shut my mouth.. so enjoy that and you can do that by going to , entering your e-mail, downloading the app and sign-up using the promo code:blodcast. As always if you have any complaints or got your feelings hurt please contact us at on Twitter @BLodCast, @Z4CH3RY, or @greybixler. Facebook or Google+

BLodCast 15: Super Stupid

In which we discuss superstitions, censorship, enablers, redoing it, and doing the wrong thing in an argument.

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BLodCast 14: I’m Not Crazy

In which we discuss the interactions between two people that don’t know how to communicate with each other nicely, Hypocrisy in relationships, The Rise of The Planet of The Apes, Taking the High Road, and You’ll have to listen to hear the rest.. You might get offended and if so send the hatemail to or on twitter @BLodCast or facebook.

BLodCast 13: I Guess This Is Growing Up

In which we discuss facebook drama, dreams, growing up, the wrong way to live life, and some other stuff.

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