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BLodCast 20: Back To The Future Love

In which we discuss Zombies, Twilight sucking, Art that isn’t Art, ‘Patriot Day’, People helping people and Future self love. Enjoy, Let us know how much we should continue doing this despite what Jake says @, on Twitter @BLodCast, @greybixler, or @Z4CH3RY and on facebook and Google+ as well.. Don’t forget to go to and download the app for your smartphone and sign up using promo code: blodcast IT’S FUCKING FREE!!

BLodCast 19: Movies Are Good

In which we discuss MOVIES!!!! and sort of go on tangents.. enjoy. on twitter @BLodCast..

BLodCast 18: Grey Knows Best

In which we discuss Smoking related statistics, Avenging Deaths, FANMAIL!, The State of the Union, RED STATE, Imploding, Our less than stellar math and humor skills, and Grey NEVER being satisfied. HATEMail, TWITTER @BLodCast, @greybixler, or @Z4CH3RY, Google+, Facebook, and sign up using promo code: blodcast

BLodCast 17: Give Up The Ghost

In which we discuss Life sucking, giving up the ghost, phobias, Grey living where he lives, LOVE and Zach being a sarcastic prick..
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