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BLodCast 34: Skwered

In which Cory Skweres reprises his guest spot to discuss all kinds of reasons Zach is going to Hell, Which include Jerry Sandusky, Rappers, Aliens, Robberies, Zach tests Cory’s sports knowledge in Cory’s Corner, We discuss the Tweets of the Week, Crazy Neighbors and Zach gets unusually apologetic and much, much more!

BLodCast 33: It’s Hip To Be Skweres

In which there is guest host filling in for Grey, Cory Skweres and we discuss Bath Salts, Politics, Sports, Origins, Dan, Sneaky Sneaky Snakes and Jesus!

BLodCast 32: BLodCasticles

In which we discuss Time lords, Las Vegas, Graduations, Mole Rats, This Means War, Foster Homes, The BLodCast (Non-alcoholic) Drinking Game and your mother.