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BLodCast 37: Pulling Teeth

In which Cory and Zach A some Q’s from Ms. Dew, Talk about a new relationship, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises (spoilers), Drawing Blood, Pulling Teeth, Role Models, Superheroes, Twitter Spreading The Flu and a few other things.

BLodCast 36: Skwered Again

In which Cory fills in for Grey once more in this episode and we discuss Frisbee Golf, Mitt Romney, Haters, The Dark Knight Rises, The color of the Texas capitol building, We have another sports quiz as well as Cory’s Sports Corner and kind of go off a bit. Enjoy!

BLodCast 35: From Texas With Love

In which we go down under and across the pond and a few other places. We are joined by Cory again in this ridiculous episode. We discuss Squirters, Movies, Riddles, Blow Jobs and just all sorts of things so enjoy.

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