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BLodCast 53: Raise The Bar

Welcome to the beginning of a new BLodCast filled with laughter, sarcastic fonts, hypertheticals, news stories and much, much more.


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BLodCast #000 The Sampler – Years 1& 2

Well folks after the painstaking task of listening through all 52 episodes of BLodCast, All for you, We’ve put together a sampler for the new listeners and even for the old ones to hear the evolution of our podcast over the past two years. There are a lot of clips from nearly all but not all episodes. We took the best of BLod and put in here from episode 1 to episode 52. hear how far we’ve come and hell you might even laugh along the way. Thanks for all the laughs and all the fun, this is only the beginning.


Stories Are Good,

Grey & Zach


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BLodCast 52: The New 52

As we finally, and I mean fucking finally, bring you one year’s worth of episodes. It’s taken us two years to actually get to this point but that’s not important. For us this is a milestone. There are 52 episodes of us talking and talking and talking. We can say that this is probably the best episode of BLodCast that has ever been and we’re excited to bring you the best aural you’ve ever had and again it only took us two years. In this episode we discuss Skylines, Our Movie Trailers, The best Morgan Freeman impression, Paula Deen, Huell Howser, Robbing BLockbuster, Miss(ed) Opportunities, Jesus, Comedy sketches, Our personal Hell’s, The youngest age one can date, CLERKS TRES, Mustangs and you get to hear Zach’s Bane!

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