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BLodCast 57: A Couple of Dicks

There are many kinds of dicks discussed in this episode and we won’t spoil any dick fun you might have listening by putting them in here. Enjoy as talk about:

  • Ben Affleck as Batman
  • Going to the Funny or Die Oddball Comedy Festival at the shittiest venue of all time.
  • Grey does his Badman impression and Zach does his Bane impression in a new segment “Singing with Badman”
  • Why we don’t care for Superman
  • As previously stated, dicks of all kinds
  • We play a game of would you __________ a __________ for _________?
  • Cars, sort of

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Special thanks to Patrick (@ghostdirector) for asking the questions no one dares even think!

BLodCast 56: An Episode You Can’t Refuse?

A new episode is here for your ears.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Bruce Willis is such an asshole.
  • Christian Bale being offered 50 million dollars to reprise his rolse as The Dark Knight
  • Ten used cars you should own.
  • Traveling the world and Grey’s forthcoming trip to Thailand.
  • What to do with found money.
  • Topics and Questions provided by Ireland’s own @ghostdirector.
  •  Battlefield 4 and GTA 5
  • Zach’s love of blink-182
  • Going to a comedy show this weekend.


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BLodCast 55: All Out Of Killer Juice

in which the news becomes fodder for the boys of BLod. Five year old thieves and spies are amongst the topics as well as being a narc and the usual getting off topic, Thanks and enjoy. Below are a list of links referred to in this episode. Don’t forget to win your own BLodCast T-Shirt by listening to all 55 episodes AND answering a 10-75 question quiz about the show.

Shark flavored animals –

Texas runs out of killing juice –

No (electronic) Smoking –

Saints Row  Ludicrous Edition –

Man Made Burger –

BLodCast 54: Butt Chuggers

In which Zach and Grey are joined by Special Guest Keith, Husband of Morning Dew’s own Kaylan, for his glorious second episode return. In this episode we really just talk about what seems to be three things namely though, butt-chugging.

Check out Keith’s sword laden debut on BLodCast 11: Violent Dews and Don’ts Pt 2

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