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BLodCast 60: Grand Theft Aural

A little late but we still made it.

In this week’s aural adventure the boys of BLod delve into:

  1. The much anticipated release of GTA V
  2. Miley Cyrus’ new music video ‘Wrecking Ball’
  3. Dream cars again!
  4. Grey’s bachelor party bash!
  5. Car heaven
  6. Snakes In A Family Dollar
  7. Monkeys with a love for the herps
  8. Breaking Bad spoiler/recap
  9. Twitter’s IPO
  10. A really late half-ass review of ‘Dredd”
  11. Pete Holmes’ uncanny ability to be awesome as Badman
  12. Comic thievery
  13. Breaking and entering?

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BLodCast 59: Trouble In Recall

In which our heroes return for the sixth time in a row! Join Grey and Zach in this record breaking number of consecutive episodes.

Potent Topicals include:

  • Being a sixth grade author
  • Seeing Rancid live and aging
  • Pokemon for porn
  • The worthlessness of MLB memorabilia and cards
  • Fuckthisman and Birdwoman
  • Coast to Conspiracy radio shows
  • Last wenches

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BLodCast 58: Cheating Cheaters an Their Seven Best Friends


  • Top 5 beers choosy cheaters choose
  • Ten Cars drivey cheaters drive
  • 5 facts about cheating you didn’t know
  • 8-11 Myths about cheating you might have known
  • Zach’s seven best friends that may or may not be made up

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