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BLodCast 65: Redempshit

In which your heroes talk about:


  1. Dedication to art

  2. Your wife extorting money

  3. Dating Sites

  4. What they’d do with lottery money

  5. Gym time

  6. Movie review of Redemption


As per usual we lose sight of our topics and just go on tangents.

BLodCast 64: Dick or Be Dicked

In which our heroes apologize for the less than stellar episode that was recorded last week and do a much better job on this episode.

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • A bionic man
  • Underwater wifi
  • Twinning
  • Whether or not Zach and Grey are eskimo bros, Thanks, Joe from Podblocked! if that is your real name
  • Old love
  • Unhappy endings
  • Male Models
  • Nose biting
  • The dog ate my money!
  • The size and length of nipples and areolas
  • Grey joins a gym to bulk the fuck up and give billy badass a run for his steroids
  • Zach trying to educate himself

Video Games with Grey

  • GTA V in all its glory and ugliness
  • Watch Dogs delay

Movies with Zach

  • Reminiscing the days of yore when they’d go to the movies
  • The brilliance of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Enjoy this episode recorded live in the Dick or Be Dicked Cathedral (formerly BLodPods Studio)

BLodCast 63: Regretfully Yours

In which those fucking accents are back, your heroes talk about ten years ago and what they would tell themselves, playing tag, XF3 and some other shit. Look, we tried, they can’t all be winners. next week though, just wait. ish.

BLodCast 62: Buzzed

In which Grey and an increasingly buzzed Zach talk about, Grey’s new found wealth and new car, accents, fathers and survival weekends.

BLodCast 61: In BLod We Trust

Too little, too late or too much too soon, you decide because Zach and Grey are back after a short break. Join the boys of BLod as they rip apart their worlds in a someone’s going to need stitches way that only they can.

This week’s topics include but ar eNOT limited to:

  1. The United States’ Government Shutdown
  2. The New Adventist’s Church of Avalon headed by Reverend Licquia
  3. Whether to be a racist or a child molester
  4. The Good (Breaking Bad finale), The Bad (Dexter finale) and The Ugly (Dexter finale)
  5. French Metal Bands
  6. GTA V
  7. Shitty “Medically Induced Metal” band ‘Sirenicide’

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