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BLodCast 67: It’s All Roses

They’re back! and BLodCastier than ever. Listen in on a conversation you won’t soon forget. From dating on OK Cupid to cunty bill collectors and all the way to porn, it’s all roses in this new episode of BLodCast.

BLodCast 66: No Offense, Joe

In which Grey and Zach jump into the way back machine and listen to the original episode 2. You’ll notice that some of the names have been removed, that’s been done to protect some that are innocent and some that are in fact guilty. This is one of the few episodes in which Zach and Grey actually tell stories, you know, because they are good and whatnot. Remember when listening that this episode was recorded over two years ago. it was literally the second time Grey and Zach sat down to record an episode and it never aired. You’ll also notice that it ends abruptly and maybe if you ask nicely you’ll get the rest of the story Grey starts at the end. Enjoy this episode and come back next week.

BLodCast #001: BLodCast Goes Canadian

In which Joe from BLodPods’ own PodBlocked with Chris & Joe joins Zach for conversation only a Texan and a Canadian could have.