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BLodCast 70: BLodiversary #4

In this episode:

  1. Grey and Zach are back for at least a one off episode to commemorate the 4th birthday of BLodCast & BLodPods
  2. Anal Licking
  3. 2015 Ford Mustang as well as 2008 & 2011 year models too

Thanks for being patient we hope you enjoy it, here’s to 4 more years, Grey & Zach

BLodCast 69: Switching Positions

In which Grey and Zach discuss:

  1. The 2015 Ford Mustang
  2. C7 Z51 Coquette
  3. Pigs fucking Chimpanzees
  4. Minotaurs/Centaurs
  5. The usual bullshittery

BLodCast 68: Putty Ready

In this glorious episode we discuss:

  • The dude from that shitty band Lostprophets that did a few really terrible things
  • The death that isn’t tragic or ironic of Paul Walker
  • Our patented Putty Ready® rape prevention system with our trademark Dual and Tri DNA/Chemical Exchange System
  • Battlefield 4 and all it’s glory
  • Spiders, Did you know that out number us 18:1?
  • TVs

Enjoy this episode brought to you by the BLodPods Network, Always Free, Sometime Funny at

BLodCast 67: It’s All Roses

They’re back! and BLodCastier than ever. Listen in on a conversation you won’t soon forget. From dating on OK Cupid to cunty bill collectors and all the way to porn, it’s all roses in this new episode of BLodCast.

BLodCast 66: No Offense, Joe

In which Grey and Zach jump into the way back machine and listen to the original episode 2. You’ll notice that some of the names have been removed, that’s been done to protect some that are innocent and some that are in fact guilty. This is one of the few episodes in which Zach and Grey actually tell stories, you know, because they are good and whatnot. Remember when listening that this episode was recorded over two years ago. it was literally the second time Grey and Zach sat down to record an episode and it never aired. You’ll also notice that it ends abruptly and maybe if you ask nicely you’ll get the rest of the story Grey starts at the end. Enjoy this episode and come back next week.

BLodCast #001: BLodCast Goes Canadian

In which Joe from BLodPods’ own PodBlocked with Chris & Joe joins Zach for conversation only a Texan and a Canadian could have.

BLodCast 65: Redempshit

In which your heroes talk about:


  1. Dedication to art

  2. Your wife extorting money

  3. Dating Sites

  4. What they’d do with lottery money

  5. Gym time

  6. Movie review of Redemption


As per usual we lose sight of our topics and just go on tangents.

BLodCast 64: Dick or Be Dicked

In which our heroes apologize for the less than stellar episode that was recorded last week and do a much better job on this episode.

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • A bionic man
  • Underwater wifi
  • Twinning
  • Whether or not Zach and Grey are eskimo bros, Thanks, Joe from Podblocked! if that is your real name
  • Old love
  • Unhappy endings
  • Male Models
  • Nose biting
  • The dog ate my money!
  • The size and length of nipples and areolas
  • Grey joins a gym to bulk the fuck up and give billy badass a run for his steroids
  • Zach trying to educate himself

Video Games with Grey

  • GTA V in all its glory and ugliness
  • Watch Dogs delay

Movies with Zach

  • Reminiscing the days of yore when they’d go to the movies
  • The brilliance of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Enjoy this episode recorded live in the Dick or Be Dicked Cathedral (formerly BLodPods Studio)

BLodCast 63: Regretfully Yours

In which those fucking accents are back, your heroes talk about ten years ago and what they would tell themselves, playing tag, XF3 and some other shit. Look, we tried, they can’t all be winners. next week though, just wait. ish.

BLodCast 62: Buzzed

In which Grey and an increasingly buzzed Zach talk about, Grey’s new found wealth and new car, accents, fathers and survival weekends.

BLodCast 61: In BLod We Trust

Too little, too late or too much too soon, you decide because Zach and Grey are back after a short break. Join the boys of BLod as they rip apart their worlds in a someone’s going to need stitches way that only they can.

This week’s topics include but ar eNOT limited to:

  1. The United States’ Government Shutdown
  2. The New Adventist’s Church of Avalon headed by Reverend Licquia
  3. Whether to be a racist or a child molester
  4. The Good (Breaking Bad finale), The Bad (Dexter finale) and The Ugly (Dexter finale)
  5. French Metal Bands
  6. GTA V
  7. Shitty “Medically Induced Metal” band ‘Sirenicide’

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BLodCast 60: Grand Theft Aural

A little late but we still made it.

In this week’s aural adventure the boys of BLod delve into:

  1. The much anticipated release of GTA V
  2. Miley Cyrus’ new music video ‘Wrecking Ball’
  3. Dream cars again!
  4. Grey’s bachelor party bash!
  5. Car heaven
  6. Snakes In A Family Dollar
  7. Monkeys with a love for the herps
  8. Breaking Bad spoiler/recap
  9. Twitter’s IPO
  10. A really late half-ass review of ‘Dredd”
  11. Pete Holmes’ uncanny ability to be awesome as Badman
  12. Comic thievery
  13. Breaking and entering?

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BLodCast 59: Trouble In Recall

In which our heroes return for the sixth time in a row! Join Grey and Zach in this record breaking number of consecutive episodes.

Potent Topicals include:

  • Being a sixth grade author
  • Seeing Rancid live and aging
  • Pokemon for porn
  • The worthlessness of MLB memorabilia and cards
  • Fuckthisman and Birdwoman
  • Coast to Conspiracy radio shows
  • Last wenches

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BLodCast 58: Cheating Cheaters an Their Seven Best Friends


  • Top 5 beers choosy cheaters choose
  • Ten Cars drivey cheaters drive
  • 5 facts about cheating you didn’t know
  • 8-11 Myths about cheating you might have known
  • Zach’s seven best friends that may or may not be made up

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BLodCast 57: A Couple of Dicks

There are many kinds of dicks discussed in this episode and we won’t spoil any dick fun you might have listening by putting them in here. Enjoy as talk about:

  • Ben Affleck as Batman
  • Going to the Funny or Die Oddball Comedy Festival at the shittiest venue of all time.
  • Grey does his Badman impression and Zach does his Bane impression in a new segment “Singing with Badman”
  • Why we don’t care for Superman
  • As previously stated, dicks of all kinds
  • We play a game of would you __________ a __________ for _________?
  • Cars, sort of

Any questions of comments or booking info can be directed to Zach or Grey AT BLOD DASH CAST DOT COM.

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Special thanks to Patrick (@ghostdirector) for asking the questions no one dares even think!

BLodCast 56: An Episode You Can’t Refuse?

A new episode is here for your ears.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Bruce Willis is such an asshole.
  • Christian Bale being offered 50 million dollars to reprise his rolse as The Dark Knight
  • Ten used cars you should own.
  • Traveling the world and Grey’s forthcoming trip to Thailand.
  • What to do with found money.
  • Topics and Questions provided by Ireland’s own @ghostdirector.
  •  Battlefield 4 and GTA 5
  • Zach’s love of blink-182
  • Going to a comedy show this weekend.


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BLodCast 55: All Out Of Killer Juice

in which the news becomes fodder for the boys of BLod. Five year old thieves and spies are amongst the topics as well as being a narc and the usual getting off topic, Thanks and enjoy. Below are a list of links referred to in this episode. Don’t forget to win your own BLodCast T-Shirt by listening to all 55 episodes AND answering a 10-75 question quiz about the show.

Shark flavored animals –

Texas runs out of killing juice –

No (electronic) Smoking –

Saints Row  Ludicrous Edition –

Man Made Burger –

BLodCast 54: Butt Chuggers

In which Zach and Grey are joined by Special Guest Keith, Husband of Morning Dew’s own Kaylan, for his glorious second episode return. In this episode we really just talk about what seems to be three things namely though, butt-chugging.

Check out Keith’s sword laden debut on BLodCast 11: Violent Dews and Don’ts Pt 2

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BLodCast 53: Raise The Bar

Welcome to the beginning of a new BLodCast filled with laughter, sarcastic fonts, hypertheticals, news stories and much, much more.


Contact us at or

BLodCast #000 The Sampler – Years 1& 2

Well folks after the painstaking task of listening through all 52 episodes of BLodCast, All for you, We’ve put together a sampler for the new listeners and even for the old ones to hear the evolution of our podcast over the past two years. There are a lot of clips from nearly all but not all episodes. We took the best of BLod and put in here from episode 1 to episode 52. hear how far we’ve come and hell you might even laugh along the way. Thanks for all the laughs and all the fun, this is only the beginning.


Stories Are Good,

Grey & Zach


Find all the original episodes at and iTunes

BLodCast 52: The New 52

As we finally, and I mean fucking finally, bring you one year’s worth of episodes. It’s taken us two years to actually get to this point but that’s not important. For us this is a milestone. There are 52 episodes of us talking and talking and talking. We can say that this is probably the best episode of BLodCast that has ever been and we’re excited to bring you the best aural you’ve ever had and again it only took us two years. In this episode we discuss Skylines, Our Movie Trailers, The best Morgan Freeman impression, Paula Deen, Huell Howser, Robbing BLockbuster, Miss(ed) Opportunities, Jesus, Comedy sketches, Our personal Hell’s, The youngest age one can date, CLERKS TRES, Mustangs and you get to hear Zach’s Bane!

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BLodCast 51: Hard Up 52

While this isn’t actually the fifty-second episode we realized that a little too late so, for all intents and purposes let’s just all ignore the references to the number 52. Now on with your regularly scheduled bullshit, this is definitely a great place for a hot time because we choose the winner of the 2013 Console Wars, Share with you, our valued listener: the price of having a retarded Governor named Rick Perry, The place of women in our new world, Snack Food Robbing, Skipping out on the tab, Zapping the retarded folks who kill people, Sharing your flicks of net, Getting abducted, The TRILLION DOLLAR circular object, Papa-Paparazzi, Our generation is the best, How Microsoft has run completely out of fucks and fucking your shower. We both ope that you thoroughly enjoy this 51st episode of BLodCast as there will not be another one for at least two weeks or so. There will be new episodes of Just Zach, Morning Dew and The Ball’s In My Court to hopefully hold you over until we return.


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Stories Are Good

BLodCast 50: BLodCast Five-OH!

The boys have done it again. Join in on the fun with this 1 hour plus episode filled with heavy deep discussion on video games, accents, sharing, lifestyle decisions, THE CARNIVAL OF PODCOCKS WORLD TOUR 2013, Kickstarting our Hearts, Comedy Police, Re-Tardis, Grey’s Pizza Posit,  A NEW Lethal Weapon series, LAG IRL and IBF!, PhotoShoot, Bandwagons, Riders and MORE, Oh MY!


Special thanks and Shoutout to our fellow PodCockers @TangentBoundPC, @PodCocked, @Ultim8facepalm and @TheBoxedWhine

Enjoy the big FIVE OH!


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BLodCast 48: Fully Unaware

Grey and Zach return once again waxing unitellectually about the news, the new consoles and how little they’ve innovated anything, a new kind of brick, the BLodPods Merch Store, Dinosaurs, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Our growing police state,the News website design, Our move over to Liberated Syndication, iOS games takin’ yer money! and a few other things. Enjoy this wonderful episode brought to you by


We also answer a few quesitons from fellow podcasts @Ultim8facepalm, @podblocked & @TangentBoundPC


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BLodCast 48: The First 48

In which Cory, host of The Ball’s In My Court podcast, fills in once again for the elusive Grey Bixler. Where Zach and Cory go on tangents as they try to stay focused. Topics include but are not limited to: Dick sicles, David Beckham, Prostitutes, Wizards, Men’s Brith Control, Baking Nightmares and much more.

Apologies for the echo at times this was a test epsiode with a new microphone. We hope to have it rectified next time.

Enjoy episode 48 Brought to you by our undying desire to put a smile on your face and a tingling feeling in your pants.

BLodCast 47: Sidebar with Cory

In which Cory joins Zach once again to fill in for Grey. The topics include but are not limited to: Las Vegas, Bombings, CRAFT, Conspiracies, Podcasts, Sports, Mics, Jesus, Mary Poppins, Music, Sidebars and some of those are not true. Enjoy episode 47 Brought to you by our undying desire to put a smile on your face, Jesus and a tingling feeling in your pants, Jesus and the letters F and U.

BLodCast 46: That’s A Rap

In which we delve into End of Watch, The Great and Powerful Oz, Identity Thief, Django Unchained, Grey Beats, Dreams, Subtle Impractical jokes, Justified, Net worth of celebrities, insignificant significance, DTA all while going in and out of our accents.. Enjoy episode 46 Brought to you by our undying desire to put a smile on your face, Jesus and a tingling feeling in your pants..

BLodCast 45: Sidebars Are Good

In which we discuss that crappy Die Hard sequel again, misuse the term sidebar, learning new languages, use our “sexy” voices, Howard Stern, “Burrs”, Movie nonsense and again all in our close-to-perfection accents. Enjoy episode 45 Brought to you by our undying desire to put a smile on your face and a tingling feeling in your pants..

BLodCast 44: A Good Day To Laugh Hard

In which Grey and Zach return from a little break to discuss the newest installment of Die Hard, Snitch, the DALE convention, Make Oscar predictions, Entrapment and all in our signature accents. Enjoy! Enjoy episode 44 Brought to you by our undying desire to put a smile on your face and a tingling feeling in your pants..

BLodCast 43: Assumed Dead

In which we still suck at math, Django, records, villages and balls. Thanks for listening and keep coming back to see what’s in store for the BLodPods Network in 2013.

BLodCast 42: Bigger. Backer. Dumber.

In which we give you part 2 of our special conversation. Enjoy the last episode of BLodCast for 2012. Come back in 2013 to see what the BLodPods Network has in store for your ears and remember Stories Are Good. Thanks for listening and keep coming back to see what’s in store for the BLodPods Network in 2013.

BLodCast 41: Back By Popular Dumband

After three whole months away WE return to the mic and reignite BLodCast with our brand of bullshittery in a special two part episode and discuss what the hell has been going on and honestly a plethora of other off topic things. It starts a little slow but if you stick around you’ll be left waiting to hear what’s coming next. Thanks for listening and keep coming back to see what’s in store for the BLodPods Network in 2013.

BLodCast 40: Revenge

In which Zach & Grey discuss strange things that can come from one’s anus, Weird acronyms, How ridiculous we are, Fecal Stats, Ski Masks, Muggers, Texas Seceding!, Favorite comedians and more!

BLodCast 39: Greyt Expectations

In which Grey finally returns to the mic with Zach from his time in Atlanta. We discuss The Campaign, The Dark Knight Rises, The Bourne Legacy, Shootings, Jurassic Park for real, Titanic 2, Rich Kids of Instagram and Bigfoot?

BLodCast 38: Gratitude

In which Zach and Cory talk about the Olympics, Sherman Hemsley, John Ritter, The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Young Drug Czars and a moment of reflection from one half of BLodCast. Enjoy.

BLodCast 37: Pulling Teeth

In which Cory and Zach A some Q’s from Ms. Dew, Talk about a new relationship, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises (spoilers), Drawing Blood, Pulling Teeth, Role Models, Superheroes, Twitter Spreading The Flu and a few other things.

BLodCast 36: Skwered Again

In which Cory fills in for Grey once more in this episode and we discuss Frisbee Golf, Mitt Romney, Haters, The Dark Knight Rises, The color of the Texas capitol building, We have another sports quiz as well as Cory’s Sports Corner and kind of go off a bit. Enjoy!

BLodCast 35: From Texas With Love

In which we go down under and across the pond and a few other places. We are joined by Cory again in this ridiculous episode. We discuss Squirters, Movies, Riddles, Blow Jobs and just all sorts of things so enjoy.

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BLodCast 33: It’s Hip To Be Skweres

In which there is guest host filling in for Grey, Cory Skweres and we discuss Bath Salts, Politics, Sports, Origins, Dan, Sneaky Sneaky Snakes and Jesus!

BLodCast 32: BLodCasticles

In which we discuss Time lords, Las Vegas, Graduations, Mole Rats, This Means War, Foster Homes, The BLodCast (Non-alcoholic) Drinking Game and your mother.

BLodCast 31: Fully BLodded

In which we discuss the Adult Grocery Store, The Final Frontier, Valentine Organs, Dead Fish, Vaginal Ink, News and more.

BLodCast 30: Anal Alley

In which we discuss serial killer profiles, Domestic Spying, Try our hand at … just listen and enjoy.

BLodCast 29: Retard Strong

In which our heroes return four months and 2 episodes in. No synopsis just listen and learn. Send any inquiries serious or otherwise to or specifically to or Twitter @BLodCast, @Z4CH3RY or @greybixler and facebook and GOogle+ blodcast.

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BLodCast 28: A Bum Full of Cum

In which we return in episode 28 of BLodCast and run the gamut of topics. From Bums to Vegas and the future of the podcast. Join us as we discuss things in only a way we can keeping nothing sacred.

e-mail us at come find us on twitter @BLodCast or facebook and Google+

BLodCast 27: Hook, Line and Sinker (The X-Mas Special)

Im which we discuss X-Mas, Relationships, Families, Grey’s Life decisions, Brain Cell, Gameshows, Jobs, Our Generation and Christmas Plans. Thanks for listening for our first year and 2012 will bring more BLodCast than you can handle. Send any questions or comments to and tell your friends.

BLodCast 26: Better Not Bitter

In which we discuss Black Friday and all the fucking silly people that brings out, News Radio, Tom Green, Grey getting Dr.Phil-ed, Movies, Math problems, Gas Station Executives, and why everyone should be jealous of our BFFness. If you have any suggestions about how we run our show you’d be better off keeping it to yourself but, if you must express your meaningless opinion you may do so at or on Twitter @BLodCast, Google+ or facebook. Enjoy bitches.

BLodCast 25: The World According to Grey

In which we discuss Vegas again, Battlefield 3 and proper combat etiquette, The World According to Grey, Kevin Smith, Hemp Statues, Siri for Grey Fund, Movie Mash-Ups and Network TV… en-fucking-joy this early edition of BLodCast on Thanksgiving.. You’re fucking welcome!

BLodCast 24: Bury Me

In which we discuss Death, TV Reality, Getting Lost in Games, Grey’s Lies and Inabilities, Last Wills, Getting Dangerous and as per usual we lose focus… Enjoy.

BLodCast 23: Back In The Saddle

In which Grey and Zach Return.. and we discuss Vegas Round 2, Grey’s New Car, How very little happens in three weeks, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, and Other shit.. so enjoy!

BLodCast 22: Liar Liar

In which we discuss, Strippers and why Grey doesn’t like lap dances, Lies, our new segment ‘Video Games with Grey’, Donkey Punches and Gorilla Faces, and Using each other as punching bags. Drop us a line full of hatred at or on Twitter #BLodCast, @Z4CH3RY, or @greybixler and on Google+ and Facebook as well. Lastly go to, enter your e-mail, Then download the app for your smartphone and sign-up using promo code: blodcast THANKS FUCKERS!

BLodCast 21: The Dirty Stir

In which we discuss going into business, boxing, blink-182, and MATH!!!!

BLodCast 20: Back To The Future Love

In which we discuss Zombies, Twilight sucking, Art that isn’t Art, ‘Patriot Day’, People helping people and Future self love. Enjoy, Let us know how much we should continue doing this despite what Jake says @, on Twitter @BLodCast, @greybixler, or @Z4CH3RY and on facebook and Google+ as well.. Don’t forget to go to and download the app for your smartphone and sign up using promo code: blodcast IT’S FUCKING FREE!!

BLodCast 19: Movies Are Good

In which we discuss MOVIES!!!! and sort of go on tangents.. enjoy. on twitter @BLodCast..

BLodCast 18: Grey Knows Best

In which we discuss Smoking related statistics, Avenging Deaths, FANMAIL!, The State of the Union, RED STATE, Imploding, Our less than stellar math and humor skills, and Grey NEVER being satisfied. HATEMail, TWITTER @BLodCast, @greybixler, or @Z4CH3RY, Google+, Facebook, and sign up using promo code: blodcast

BLodCast 17: Give Up The Ghost

In which we discuss Life sucking, giving up the ghost, phobias, Grey living where he lives, LOVE and Zach being a sarcastic prick..
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BLodCast 16: Living, Loving, Leaving..

In which we discuss hookers, Saying goodbye, Emotional Muggers, Favorites, Tricycles, and not learning to shut my mouth.. so enjoy that and you can do that by going to , entering your e-mail, downloading the app and sign-up using the promo code:blodcast. As always if you have any complaints or got your feelings hurt please contact us at on Twitter @BLodCast, @Z4CH3RY, or @greybixler. Facebook or Google+

BLodCast 15: Super Stupid

In which we discuss superstitions, censorship, enablers, redoing it, and doing the wrong thing in an argument.

Hatemail to
Twitter @BLodCast @Z4CH3RY @greybixler
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BLodCast 14: I’m Not Crazy

In which we discuss the interactions between two people that don’t know how to communicate with each other nicely, Hypocrisy in relationships, The Rise of The Planet of The Apes, Taking the High Road, and You’ll have to listen to hear the rest.. You might get offended and if so send the hatemail to or on twitter @BLodCast or facebook.

BLodCast 13: I Guess This Is Growing Up

In which we discuss facebook drama, dreams, growing up, the wrong way to live life, and some other stuff.

Send hatemail to, hit us up on twitter @BLodCast, @Z4CH3RY, or @greybixler on facebook or google+.


BlodCast 12: It’s My Party

In which Grey and Zach discuss Movie BJ’s, Movie Remakes, Grey’s trip to Colorado, Zach’s Trip to Austin, The Future of BLodCast, Jon’s old sleeping habits, Masturbation again, How girls make us cry, and Cory’s love of TechN9ne so enjoy and if you don’t then hit us up on twitter @BLodCast, @Z4CH3RY, or @greybixler.

BLodCast 10: Violent Dew’s and Don’ts Part 2

In which Keith and Brittany join Kaylan, Casey, Laura, Grey and Zach for the end of our Dews episode and we discuss more sex, a little twitter, Las Vegas Briefly, Swords, and BJ’s, and some more stuff so just listen on iTunes or

Any hate mail can be sent to or on facebook or hit us up on twiiter @BLodCast, @greybixler, or @Z4CH3RY thanks for listening and Enjoy!

BLodCast 9: Violent Dew’s and Don’ts Part 1

In which we have three special guests Casey, Kaylan, and Laura in a very special two part Episode of BLodCast. We discuss beginnings of friendships and other wonderful things so check it out for some aural pleasure.

E-Mail any questions or hatred to or hit us up on twitter @BLodCast, @Z4CH3RY, or @greybixler and go to and stream us from your smartphone!!!!


BLodCast 8: Stay Gay For The Kids

In which we discuss Politics, Suicide, Divorce, Gay Rights, and the role music plays in one aspect of our lives. If you disagree with anything or don’t like it send hate mail to,, or on facebook. Also we’re on Stitcher now so go to and download the app for your smartphone and look us up so you can stream our awesomeness directly into your ears… Enjoy!!

BLodCast 7: Back To The Well

In which My little brother Jon tells us some of his stories and Grey and I talk about our movie, and we talk about an ex in a good way this time.

BLodCast 6: Born Ready

In which we discuss rape, abortion, being a ninja of the masturbatory arts, B & E’s and the A & B, Brother’s drug addictions, being the black sheep, work, and you Amelia (sort of).
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BLodCast 5: That’s How We Roll

In which we try selling things, we argue about our friendship and talk of our pasts; creepy or heartbreaking you decide.

BLodCast 4: That’s Not Funny

In which our heroes debate whether or not certain sensitive subjects can be funny, Grey talk of his notorious bar days and nights, and we recall our first ever Vegas vacation. As well as lose focus..Enjoy!

BLodCast 3: Best God in Show?

In which we discuss God, Tommy Lee’s Junk, Dads, and other fun things that have no relation..

BLodCast 2: Talking ’bout yo’ Mama

In which we discuss moms and brothers and exes and as per usual get off topic…enjoy!

BLodCast 1: A Kind of New Hope

This is the inaugural podcast of two hetero-lifemates chronicling their lives.. It does have explicit language so if you aren’t a fan of four letter words or two people talking about their lives then this whole thing isn’t for you. You can e-mail any questions @ or on Twitter @BLodCast…Enjoy!