BLodCast 50: BLodCast Five-OH!

The boys have done it again. Join in on the fun with this 1 hour plus episode filled with heavy deep discussion on video games, accents, sharing, lifestyle decisions, THE CARNIVAL OF PODCOCKS WORLD TOUR 2013, Kickstarting our Hearts, Comedy Police, Re-Tardis, Grey’s Pizza Posit,  A NEW Lethal Weapon series, LAG IRL and IBF!, PhotoShoot, Bandwagons, Riders and MORE, Oh MY!


Special thanks and Shoutout to our fellow PodCockers @TangentBoundPC, @PodCocked, @Ultim8facepalm and @TheBoxedWhine

Enjoy the big FIVE OH!


Find us on PSN: zlicquia or iR-Grey

XBOX LIVE: zlicquia or Gr3yt

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