BLodCast 51: Hard Up 52

While this isn’t actually the fifty-second episode we realized that a little too late so, for all intents and purposes let’s just all ignore the references to the number 52. Now on with your regularly scheduled bullshit, this is definitely a great place for a hot time because we choose the winner of the 2013 Console Wars, Share with you, our valued listener: the price of having a retarded Governor named Rick Perry, The place of women in our new world, Snack Food Robbing, Skipping out on the tab, Zapping the retarded folks who kill people, Sharing your flicks of net, Getting abducted, The TRILLION DOLLAR circular object, Papa-Paparazzi, Our generation is the best, How Microsoft has run completely out of fucks and fucking your shower. We both ope that you thoroughly enjoy this 51st episode of BLodCast as there will not be another one for at least two weeks or so. There will be new episodes of Just Zach, Morning Dew and The Ball’s In My Court to hopefully hold you over until we return.


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