BLodCast 61: In BLod We Trust

Too little, too late or too much too soon, you decide because Zach and Grey are back after a short break. Join the boys of BLod as they rip apart their worlds in a someone’s going to need stitches way that only they can.

This week’s topics include but ar eNOT limited to:

  1. The United States’ Government Shutdown
  2. The New Adventist’s Church of Avalon headed by Reverend Licquia
  3. Whether to be a racist or a child molester
  4. The Good (Breaking Bad finale), The Bad (Dexter finale) and The Ugly (Dexter finale)
  5. French Metal Bands
  6. GTA V
  7. Shitty “Medically Induced Metal” band ‘Sirenicide’

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